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Africa Answers takes you back to the glamour of old world travel, imagine Out of Africa with Meryl Streep as you explore, discover and experience all that an Africa vacation has to offer.

Africa Answers are the travel experts when it comes to your Africa vacation.  Open your mind to the warmth of a welcome, to the beat of a unique nation, the sounds of wildlife and the unique memories that you will create on your Africa travel adventure.  We pride ourselves on delighting you, and offer the most highly personalized service and uncompromisingly talented and experienced Destination Specialists to inspire your vacation planning.  Most of our staff hail from the country or have traveled extensively throughout.

Just like an artist, we will start with a blank canvas and create something unique for you, a vacation that suits your style, taste and budget.  Africa Answers unbeatable buying power and partnerships means we have the latest updates on all things Africa.  Our partners include some of the world’s most awarded airlines to Africa, our partners on the ground anticipating your every need, and a myriad of special deals we have on offer, including free nights at safari lodges and city stays.

Africa Answers offer all types of travel arrangements, from customized independent arrangements for the independent traveler, private charters and personalized safari guides, rail journeys like the Blue Train in South Africa, safari lodges and city hotels, beach stays and luxurious island getaways, to adventure travel, voluntourism, honeymoons and scheduled escorted tours.

We invite you to discover South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius, Egypt, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Come discover.  Come explore.  Come meet.  Most of all.  Come experience.


We Personalize Extraordinary Vacations to Africa, UAE and Indian Ocean Island.


Our People - We recognize our team  members a our #1 asset.  We appreciate their passion for providing outstanding customer service.  We constantly strive to provide a rewarding and productive work environment for all.

Our Expertise - We take pride in our unparalleled travel knowledge and market intelligence as the leading destination specialist wholesaler within North America.

Our Reputation - We are proud of our consistent achievements as an award winning travel industry leader.  We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity to be our clients most trusted source.

Our Relationships - We recognize that the core principle of 'mateship' is vital to our success and our team sustainability.  These long-standing and valued partnerships benefit our client's, our staff and destination partners.

USTOA Membership

United States Tour Operators Association $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program Africa Answers, as an Active Member of USTOA, is required to post $1 Million with USTOA to be used to reimburse, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program, the advance payments of Down Under Answers customers in the unlikely event of Africa Answers bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of business. Further, you should understand that the $1 Million posted by Africa Answers may be sufficient to provide only a partial recovery of the advance payments received by Africa Answers. More details of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program may be obtained by writing to USTOA at 345 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1801, New York, New York 10001, or by email to information@ustoa.com or by visiting their website at www.USTOA.com.

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Kapinga Camp
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