Namib Desert Tours

Namib Desert Tours

The Namib is the oldest living desert in the world, amazingly filled with unusual plant and animal life. We tour the area in comfort as we set off in our air-conditioned mini-bus towards the eerie crater known as Moon Valley, the result of millions of years of erosion. We discover curious flora and fauna of the desert, an inhospitable environment which at first glance, seems unlikely to support any life at all, but certainly does. We hunt down lichen, for this region holds some of the world’s richest lichen fields, and we see what was once described as the ‘world’s strangest plant’, the Welwitschia, the world’s oldest living fossil plant. This tour is all about discovering how nature and her desert-adapted creatures survive in this harsh, but exquisitely beautiful environment. A particularly worthwhile expedition!

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Cape Grace Hotel

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