Taste of the History of South Africa

Taste of the History of South Africa

Option 1:
This full-day private tour includes Alexandra township, Liliesleaf Farm OR Constitution Court and Number 4 Prison, and Apartheid Museum. After a brief introductory talk, visit Liliesleaf Farm, the scene of the Rivonia Raid in 1963. OR visit the Constitution Court and the Fort. Built by Paul Kruger as a prison in 1893, later converted to a Fort after the abortive Jameson Raid” and then finally serving as a prison right up until 1983, the visit includes the old Fort. This is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on two occasions. The workings of the Court are explained and the visit is likely to rate as a “Must” for all visitors to South Africa. Then onto Alexandra township, where you visit Nambuhla Hostel, sample the staple food of the township, and learn more about the ZCC (Zion Christian Church). Some of the old buildings and streets are visited and the excitement of this warm and welcoming community shared. Lunch may be had at a shebeen Continue travel to the Apartheid Museum. The background to Apartheid is given as well as examples of discrimination which had existed here since the 17th Century. The early years of South Africa, the Zulu Wars, the South African War, the migrant Labour System, the Gold Mines, Miners strikes, Broederbond, Sophiatown, Sharpville, Afrikaner Nationalism, life under Apartheid, Resistance, Violence from 1978- 1994, release of Nelson Mandela, CODESA, and the first democratic elections in 1994 are all explained.  After visiting this Museum visitors are fully aware of the effects of Apartheid on the country today.

Option 2
Morning sightseeing as per Option 1.  After lunch, continue to the Voortrekker Monument. The symbolism of the monument is explained in detail, and the links to Zulu history are pointed out. Next visit is the chilling “Vlakplaas” - the secret headquarters of the “Death Squads” which operated in the 80’s and right up to the early ‘90’s. Stories of the atrocities committed are told and where they took place, shown. Return to your hotel

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