Victoria Falls Bridge Tour

Victoria Falls Bridge Tour

On the Bridge Tour you are taken back on a hundred year trip in time where you learn the fascinating history of the 111 meter high Victoria Falls Bridge, and some of the amusing stories, whilst touring the historical structure. There is an age limit of 14 years and weight limit of 310 pounds. 

Bungy jumping adventure off the Victoria Falls bridge.

A death-defying leap off the Victoria Falls Bridge into the Gorge between the Zimbabwean and Zambian border posts is the ultimate adrenaline rush for the adventure seeker.  The bridge is 111 metes from the water level and is one of the highest bungy jumps in the world.  Guests are issued with a gate pass at the border (remember your passport) and must allow an hour before a jump for customs formalities and walking time.  Prior to jumping, guests are given a safety talk and are told how the harness system works and what to expect, as well as the recovery procedure. The age restriction is 14 years although children under 18 years old need written consent from their parents. The crew screens each guest for fitness, and medical problems must be advised.  The minimum weight is 40 kilograms (90 pounds) and the maximum weight is 310 pounds. The jumps operate daily from 09h00 although this is subject to change depending on the spray and the rains. The cords are safe and the ankle harness has 2 components.  There is also a waist harness with separate attachments to the bungy cord as a back up system.  There have been over 500 000 jumps worldwide with this system without incident.  Jumpers are hoisted up to the catwalk below the bridge after the jump, assisted by the trained crew.

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