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uKhuhlamga Drakensberg Park is know for its brilliant natural beauty and adventurous mountains. uKhuhlamba is Zulu for ‘barrier of spears’ and Drakensberg meaning ‘dragon mountains’ in Afrikaans so it is no wonder this park encompasses South Africa’s highest mountain range.

It is a great place for an adventurous African Vacations. There are many opportunities to get some exercise and breathe in some fresh, crisp, clean air; hiking, rock climbing, 4x4ing and birding are popular activities.

There are four main valley areas to the park Champagne Valley, Didima Valley, Amphitheatre Valley and Middledale Pass Valley. Champagne Valley has three of Drakensberg highest peaks and is know for its many sporting activities especial for its challenging golf courses. Didima Valley and the Cathedral Peak Area have impressive scenery that can be seen best from the top of Mike’s Pass accessible by a 4x4 vehicle. Also in the area is the San Art Center and the Cave Museum. Both feature the San people or Bushmen who were indigenous people 4,000 years or so ago. They have mainly disappeared from South Africa but left behind around 20,000 paintings in 500 caves and overhangs. Amphitheatre Valley has some well known tourist attraction with the Amphitheatre which rises to a height of over 3000 feet. For a view from the top an adventurer can climb a chain ladder. The world’s second highest waterfall, Tugela Falls, is located in the area and has five cascading drops. The Royal Natal National Park is home to Cannibal Cave, where tribal people resorted to cannibalism while hiding from Shaka Zulu’s wrath. Middledale Pass Valley or the Lost Valley is a remote area with a unique geographical feature, repeated only as “Die Hell” near Oudtshoorn. The area has a working man-made suspension bridge that is of historical interest also.

History tourist can learn of the heroism and carnage during the Boer War in the towns of Ladysmith and Colenso. Both have museums, graveyards and battle sites that can make for many hours of interesting touring.


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